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GlescaPal Scotty ........ Jim Rafferty


Dec 2010


  GlescaPal Scotty was born in Glasgow on 1st Sept.1949
now resides in  Treharris, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales



GlescaPal 'Scotty' Mum Robina, known as Rena died in 2009.

Scotty wrote ............

Today, December 3rd 2010, would have been Mum's Birthday, so aah'm feeling a wee bit sad right noo.
Mum wiz a lovely woman, and aah'm no sayin that just because she wiz ma ane Mother - she really spent almost all of hur life caring fer others.
When we wurr overseas in the Army, some troops wurr injured, some killed, in the local war zones of Palestine, Aden, Cyprus and Suez.
Mum wiz always the wan the C.O. called oan tae console the relatives.
It wiz a position she took to naturally, having witnessed death, destruction and mutulation oan a massive scale back in Glesca during the war, where she volunteered as a nursing assistant and councillor, as well as working full time in a munitions factory.
Even as young children, we saw how these events affected hur, but she always managed tae dae whit she considered "hur duty" wi compassion and understanding.
In later (peacetime)years, she wid organize things fer the wummin oan the bases tae dae whilst husbands wur away oan excercises etc, such as Tombola Nights, Whist Drives, Coffee Mornings, Jumble Sales, Kids Parties, Trips tae local events. The list goes oan and oan.
Even when she wiz in the Nursing Home, she tried hur best tae get the residents interested in daein such things, just so's they wurnae staring oot the windaes intae space, even though she too wiznae in the best of health.
Now, she herself is departed frae this earth, and we hope and pray that she found oor Dad and is looking doon oan us and haudin hur wee glaise o white wine celebrating the date of hur birth.

Here's a wee selection of photies frae oor family album taken in 1956-8 in Cyprus


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