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A walk doon Memory Lane.. Take a walk down memory lane....  the bygone days

 time fly?

I am constantly adding memories to these pages, placing them in no specific order, so keep yer eyes peeled! Most of the entries are from my own childhood but I'd like to thank all the people who have contributed to the memories and indeed to the website. 
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Most, if not all of us look back on our childhood memories and remember, in the main, the good times but some people have been taking off the rose tinted glasses and sending me some not so nice memories.  
So I have dug deep into my recollections & along with the others I have received, listed they are....the not so nice...

Not so nice
of our

WW1 memories  Memories and illustrations from WW1 in Bridgeton

War memories
 Memories from the war years WW2

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The Workies
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CamGlen radio ... interview with oor Webmaister



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'Brigton Cross 1947'  Take a look at this wonderful old painting...1947


March 2003, Extract from email. Helen Chalmers (email tba ), Toronto , Canada.
"Just visited your site again......I am so proud to have born in Bridgeton...when I look at the letters from all over the world from persons who lived through the war years , through poverty, unemployment, poor housing, little nutrition, school dinners and schoolboard clothing....had no toys other than balls, peevers, girds and cleeks and the dirt and broken glass you played shops with.....but had the good fortune to have had wonderful neighbours who shared your joys and sorrows and anything else that they had....We lived through hard times....and still emerged with wonderful memories and only too happy to return to our roots......


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