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See excerpt from  Minute book of The St.John Op. Lodge No.347
Dated:- 13th January 1928

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
1928 book

Lodge Burnside 1361

Charter Granted, 2nd August 1928   
Lodge Erected, 23rd October 1928
                                                   extract from the Historical sketch of the
formation & erection of Lodge Burnside 1361
by Rbt J Somerside PM 441, HM 1361

The growth of a strictly rural district from small beginnings to that of a surburban residential area is always an interesting feature in the development of a community; and Burnside has been no exception to the rule.
As new inhabitants commingle and fraternise with each other, their social and communal interests soon begin to be a prominent feature, and among the various elements which arise and develop there are none more impressive or important than that of the great fraternity of Freemasonry

In this respect it soon became evident in the rapidly expanding suburb of Burnside that a strong Masonic Lodge would be a most desirable asset to the district. 

It only required an outstanding and vigorous personality to give the necessary lead and the local craftsmen were fortunate in finding such a man in the person of Dr. Alexander Jamieson who took the first steps to form what in a very short time became Lodge Burnside 1361.

  • On 6th December 1927 Bro.Dr.Jamieson entered into communication with the Grand Secretary stating that he considered it the time opportune for the formation of a Lodge for the practice of Freemasonry in the Burnside district, at the same time requesting Grand Secretary to forward the necessary petition forms.   In a very short space of time Bro. Dr. Jamieson finding that many craftsmen in the neighbourhood were desirous of participating in the formation of the proposed new Lodge, approached
    Bros. F.W. Christall and E.W.L.Noel with a view to their co-operation in forming a special committee to deal with applications.

  • So encouraging was the work of this small committee that a meeting of those interested was called for on the 17th Jan.1928.
    This was held in the Carlton Restaurant, Glasgow.
    It was unanimously resolved that a Lodge be founded and that it be known as Lodge Burnside.
    The office bearers for the year were duly elected and the various fees agreed upon. It is of special interest to note that at the first meeting of Founder Members, on the motion of Bro. Dr. Alexr. Jamieson, seconded by Bro. James A. Wilson PM 873 and 1241, was unanimously adopted :-
                                    "That no spirituous liquors be used in any communication or at any function held under
                                       the auspices of the Lodge or at any meeting, whether for labour or refreshment"

  • The next meeting was held on 7th February 1928 in the Grand Hotel, Charing Cross, Glasgow, when it was intimated that the petition had been signed by 110 members. At this meeting also a Halls committee was appointed to enquire into and report on the provision of suitable accommodation for the regular meetings of the proposed Lodge.
  • At the meeting on 6th March 1928, also held in the Grand Hotel, it was reported that the roll of founder members had increased to 164. After considering the report of the Halls committee as to hall accommodation it was agreed that the offer of Lodge Rutherglen Royal Arch No.116 with regard to their premises in Queen Street, Rutherglen be accepted.
  • A further stage of progress was reported on 3rd April 1928 when the founders again met in the Grand Hotel. The list of Founder Members had then increased to 231. So encouraging were various reports that consideration was given to the advisability of securing a suitable site for a permanent home... a building fund was inaugurated.
  • On 1st May 1928 the founders again met in the Grand Hotel. The roll of Founder Members having been closed it was reported that 273 signatures were now on the petition and these embraced 40 Past Masters, 8 neighbouring Provosts, 1 Lord Provost, several Knights and a large number of distinguished brethren.
  • The date of Consecration and Erection was fixed for 23rd October 1928 and the chairman informed the meeting that The Right Hon. The Lord Blythswood, The Grand Master Mason of Scotland, had intimated that he would come in person.

Consideration was next given to the question of the matriculation of appropriate Arms and
 Bro. Major Norman McKean gave an interesting address on Heraldry with particular reference to Masonry.
 The Major also undertook to look after the interests of the proposed Lodge in respect of any Arms which
 might be adopted.     

At the meeting on 29th May 1928, final arrangements were made for the Consecration Ceremony and the dinner which was to follow.tower
The founders agreed to present medallions bearing the arms of the  proposed Lodge Burnside to:-
  Bro. Lord Blythswood, Grand Master Mason of Scotland
  Bro.Thomas Hart, Depute Provincial Grand Master and
  Bro.Major Norman McKean

  At this meeting it was reported that the negotiations with regard to The Tower, Burnside, had been completed and that the property and policies had been purchased.                                                                                                                                 
                                            It was purchased by Lodge Burnside
                                                  and thereafter sold in the 1960's.

The Lodge Charter was granted on 2nd August 1928, and the
  final meeting of Founder Members was held on 2nd October.


                                                                                                                                                    Stonelaw Tower is believed to have been built in the 1500's
Breakdown of

~ ~ ~
FM Jewel
Two hundred and seventy-three (273) Founder Members from 76 Lodges:
46 - Lodge Rutherglen Royal Arch No.116
27 - Lodge The St.John Operative No.347
17 - Lodge Progress No.873
14 - Lodge St.Kentigern No.976
11 - Lodge St.Andrews East Kilbride No.524
09 - Lodge Cambuslang Royal Arch No.114
07 - Lodge Glasgow St.John No.3bis
07 - Lodge Union and Crown No.103
05 - Lodge Glasgow St.Mungo No.27
05 - Lodge Glasgow Star No.219
05 - Lodge Blythswood No.817
05 - Lodge Oatlands Glasgow No.1005
05 - Lodge Trades House of Glasgow No.1241
05 - Lodge Galen No.1285
04 - Lodge Mother Kilwinning No.0
04 - Lodge Shettleston St.John No.128
04 - Lodge St.George Glasgow No.333
04 - Lodge Commercial No.360
04 - Lodge St.Vincent No.553
04 - Lodge Kirkhill No.1230
03 - Lodge Glasgow Kilwinning No.4
03 - Lodge Glasgow Scotia No.178
03 - Lodge Athole No.413
03 - Lodge St.Andrews No.465
03 - Lodge The Gael No.609
03 - Lodge Sir George Cathcart No.617
03 - Lodge Pollok No.772
03 - Lodge Eastmuir No.1126
             3 or more Founder Members from 28 Lodges = 216 FM  (lodges listed above)
                  1 or 2  Founder Members from 48 Lodges =   57 FM
Amongst the Founder Members were:-
Sirs  (2)
Lord Provost (1) Provosts  (4)

Col. (1) Drs.  (5) Ex- Provosts (3)

Revs. (3 PMs  (42)

  [Full Named list of Founder Members and their Lodges (PDF)]
  23rd October 1928
  A special meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire East was held in the Town Hall, Rutherglen on 23rd October 1928 at 4pm when Bro. The Right Honourable The Lord Blythswood, KCVO, DL, JP, Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master presided and was supported by distinguished brethren of Provincial Grand Lodge.  A deputation of Grand Lodge Office Bearers including Bro. The Rt. Hon. The Lord Belhaven and Stenton, Right Worshipful Senior Grand Warden was received and welcomed. Thereafter Bro. The Rt. Hon. The Lord Blythswood proceeded wth the consecration ceremony and the charter in favour of LODGE BURNSIDE No.1361 was read.
  On the close of Provincial Grand Lodge, Lodge Burnside was opened by the PGM when the master elect Bro. Dr. Alexander Jamieson was presented for Installation. The ceremonywas participated in by over one hundred Installed Masters and was carried through by the Provincial Grand Master assisted by the Depute Provincial Grand Master Bro. Thos. Hart and the Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro. Rev. David Young. On the completion of the Installation and after the usual proclamations Bro. Dr. Aleaxander Jamieson RWM in suitable terms returned thanks to the PGM and his Office Bearers for the valuable services rendered.
Thereafter Honorary Membership was conferred upon Bro. The Lord Blythswood, & Bro. The Lord Belhaven and Stenton.
 In the evening the Banqueting Hall of the Central Station Hotel, Glasgow was taxed to its limit of capacity.          (programme, toast list and menu... see below)
In proposing the toast of Lodge Burnside, Bro. The Lord Blythswood congratulated Bro. Dr. Jamieson RWM and those associated with him on the wonderful result they had achieved. In many ways they had established a record. He had never heard of any lodge with such a large number of founder members or of one containing the names of so many men of note in masonry and public life. They were unique in having procured a home even before consecration and he had never known of a lodge which before its erection could boast of a coat of arms.
 It is of interest to record that in the few months that intervened since the birth of the Lodge, over fifty candidates have been initiated and so keenly appreciated in the Province has been the work and service of the Lodge and its Master, that the Senior Lodge in the Province, Rutherglen Royal Arch No.116, added to its roll of distinguished Honoray Affiliates the name of Bro. Dr. Alexander Jamieson.

Lodge Burnside

Consecration Dinner
Tuesday 23rd October 1928  

Central Hotel
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 Founder and first Master of Lodge Burnside, Bro. Dr. Alexander Jamieson.
Office Bearers from the first programme who were installed as Master of Lodge Burnside were:
 RWM Year
 Name: Founder member
 Mother Lodge
 Oct.1928-Dec.1929  Bro. Dr. Alexander Jamieson
 Union & Crown 103
 Dec.1929-1930  Bro. Frederick William  Christall  Cowcadden 1341    (renamed Concord in 1933)
 Dec.1930-1931  Bro. Ernest W Lawson Noel
 Cambuslang RA 114
 Bro. Andrew Ferris Douglas
 Cambuslang RA 114
 Dec.1932-1933  Bro. Thomas Royle
 Kirkhill 1230
 Dec.1933-1934  Bro. William Snedden Paterson
 Oban Commercial 180

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A very impressive toast list:  
Dr.Alexander Jamieson
 Toast:  The King and the Craft
 Toast:  The Grand Lodge of Scotland
 Toast reply:  Lodge Burnside No.1361
Bro. Dr. Alexander Jamieson RWM
 (born 16 Aug 1881, died 06 Apr.1950)
Member of Lodge Union & Crown 103
Lodge Burnside No.1361 FM 
Lord Provost Sir David MasonToast:  PGL of Renfrewshire East
Bro. The Rt. Hon. The Lord Provost,
Sir David Mason
(born 11 May 1862, died 01 Apr.1940)
Knighted in 1928. 
He was a Scottish Merchant who served as Lord Provost of Glasgow from 1926 to 1929.
A director of the Glasgow Humane Society, he is buried in the Glasgow Necropolis.
Member of Lodge Pollok No.772,
Lodge Burnside No.1361 FM
Lord Blythswood, 4th Baron  Toast reply:  The Grand Lodge of Scotland
 Toast reply:  PGL of Renfrewshire East
 Toast:  Lodge Burnside No.1361
Bro. The Rt. Hon. Lord Blythswood,
Archibald Douglas, 4th Baron Blythswood. D.C.V.O., D.C., J.P.

 (born 25 Apr.1870, died 14 Nov.1929) 
 Grand Master Mason of Scotland (1926-1929),
 PGM of PGL Renfrewshire East (1922-1929),
 Member of Lodge Prince of Wales No.426, 
 Lodge Burnside No.1361 Hon.Mem.
General Wm Peyton   
Toast reply:  The Grand Lodge of Scotland

Bro. General Sir William Eliot Peyton
    Knighted in 1917. 
(born 7 May 1866, died 14 Nov 1931)
Member of Lodge Logonier No.2436 (England) and  HM of Lodge Holyrood House No.44, 24 Mar.1923.
The Grand Sword Bearer of the
Grand Lodge of Scotland 1927-1928 
  Toast:  The Imperial forces 

 Bro. Sir Robert Wilson D.C., J.P., 
Member of Lodge St.Vincent No.553,  Lodge Burnside No.1361 FM
  Toast reply:  The Imperial forces
 Bro. Admiral W. Whittingham C.B.,
  Toast:  Sister Lodges
 Bro. James A Wilson PM Lodge Livingstone St.Andrew No.573,
                                             Lodge The Trades House of Glasgow No.1241
                                             Lodge Burnside No.1361 FM
   Toast reply:  Sister Lodges
   R.W.M.s of Lodges :-
Rutherglen R.A.116, RWM Bro. Wm. Rbt. Collie PM 1361 FM 
     The St.John Operative No.347, RWM Bro. Alexander Gray
 St. Andrew East Kilbride No.524, RWM Bro. David Hood1361 FM
On May 2021 Bro. Stuart Scott, Lodge Ruchhill 1436 contacted Bro. Jim Turnbull PM 1361 and kindly donated to the lodge the  Past Master's Apron, Case and Consecration programme belonging to our first RWM, Bro. Dr. Alexander Jamieson.  (found in a charity shop)

                        apron PM
Past Master's Apron & Case presented
03rd December 1929


This old Apron will be presented to the IPM at all our installations, commencing December 2021,  to wear on that evening in memory of our first RWM
Date unknown:  Bro. Dr. Alexander Jamieson PM was a member of PGLRE when this was penned.


Founder and first Master of Lodge Burnside, Alexander Jamieson
 Born 16 August 1881
          44 Abbotsford Place, Glasgow
 Married 01 March 1910, Age 28     
              to Marion FW Miller
 Died 06 April 1950, Age 68
         22 Peviril Avenue, Rutherglen

~ ~ ~

Lodge Burnside No.1361, year 1928
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