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Lodge Burnside No.1361

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RWM Dec.81 - 1982

Bro. Robert Thomson RWM  December 1981

Bro.Douglas Wiggins WSW                                             Bro.Tom Mullen WJW


Bro. Robert Thomson RWM  December 1981

Bro.Jack Yuill PM                                                                                               Bro.Stephen Apicella PM


~ ~ ~

RWM Dec.82-1983

Bro. Douglas Wiggins RWM  December 1982

Bro.Alastair Campbell WSW                                                                                             Bro.Jas Turnbull WJW

Installing Masters were Bro Jack Yuille  PM & Bro. Tom Cunningham PM



RWM Dec.83-1984

Lodge Burnside Installation December 1983

Jim Turnbull SW Douglas G Campbell PM Alastair Campbell RWM Jack Yuille PM Archie Williamson JW

Douglas G Campbell PM was a lovely man and session clerk of his local Rutherglen Church, sadly at a meeting on 6th Feb.1990 he suffered a massive heart attack and despite efforts by myself, Bob Laurie and latterly the ambulance crew Douglas died. He left behind many friends in masonry, his wife Connie, daughter Fiona, son Alastair and grandson Scott. His harmony piece was always 'Rowan Tree' and to this day everytime I hear that lovely Scottish air I think of Past Master Douglas Campbell.
                                                                                                                                                            Webmaister Will McArthur



RWM Dec.84-1985
RWM 1984
RWM James Gibson Turnbull


Installation 1984
Lodge Burnside No.1361 Installation, December 1984

 ~ Willie Irvine 
Jim Young 
Douglas Campbell PM 
Rbt Thompson PM
Alex Hutton
James G. Turnbull
Bob McArthur PM
Will McArthur



Installation December 1984
Bro.Will McArthur DM   &   Bro Jas Turnbull RWM

Same spot 29yrs later :)

Friday 10th January 2014


Installing Master Dec.1984
Bro.Robert McArthur PM
was master of the lodge Dec.71-1972

Robert McArthur was a real character in our lodge and a lodge stalwart.
He was mine and Jim Turnbull's proposer.

Robert and his wife Millie lived in Bridgeton where they owned a grocers shop, they were well kent and very well liked in the area. On retirement they moved to Toryglen, Sadly when Robert died, Millie passed away a few weeks later.     

Installation harmony Dec.1984

My big pal Jas was led to believe a beautiful girl 'singing telegram' was on her way - he got me!
The singing nun.

".... the hall was alive .....
      wi' the sound o' music "


We had a close link with Lodge Buchan St John 636 and in the summer of 1985, 1st June
we had a joint weekend away ,dinner dance at the Rob Roy Motel in Aberfoyle.
Rob Roy Motel
Photo: A wee bit of high jinks some of the brethren 'camouflaging' our RWM Jim Turnbull's car wink ( JY, WMcA & TC )



RWM Dec.85-1986

Lodge Burnside Installation December 1985

Bro. Jim Turnbull IPM Bro. Bob Laurie RWM
Bro Stephen Apicella PM Bro.Stuart McGown PM
Willie Irvine WSW
Jim Young WJW


Bro. Willie Irvine RWM

Bro Stephen Apicella PMPM
Wardens Jim Young WSW WJW



1361 Dec.1981-1986

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