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GlescaPal Carlin 

Mary Cairns nee Dow ....... my story





Mr & Mrs Robert & Mary Cairns







Priesthill Parish Church on 25.10.58

Later we spent many years in the licensed trade as our family of two, our son Bruce and daughter Andrea, were growing up.  We lived in Stonehaven in the seventies when we were stewards of the golf club there.  We returned to Leven in 1980 and I had had enough of unsociable hours, so went back to office work. 

Mary & Robert with son Bruce and daughter Andrea.          (c2008)

I also trained as a volunteer counsellor for Fife Council on Alcohol and became accredited.  This led to an interest in Social Work.  I started as a Home Help Organiser, then was seconded by Fife Council to train as a social worker.  My father, I think, would have been proud of me when I graduated, aged 50!!!  He was a red-hot socialist and gave me a lifelong interest in politics and current affairs.  I was chair of Leven Branch Labour Party for 8 years, as well as serving as an executive member of the Constituency Labour Party. I have more or less retired from politics, and I have discovered the joys of the booling green.


 Robert & Mary  (2003)
at their daughter Andrea's wedding


 daughter Andrea    (May 2008)


Robert & I are enjoying our retirement together and have just celebrated our
Golden Wedding
where we renewed our vows in front of many friends & family. 

                               Golden Wedding  October 2008


Rachel, Rebecca & Jennifer
our 3 granddaughters


Rachel is my son Bruce's daughter and
Rebecca & Jennifer are my daughter
Andrea's two daughters.


Our five grandchildren bring us much pleasure and we are never happier
than when we are all gathered together. 





Dec 2008, Webmaister, Glasgow, Scotland
 Mary (Carlin) joined GlescaPals in April 2004 and in four short years she has became a friend to many.

  She is ever present at my annual 'hoose parties'
  since attending the first 'swally' in Jan.2005. 

  She has been a wonderful contributor to the
  GlescaPals messageboard and we are all the
  better, indeed blessed, for getting the
  opportunity to meet and know her.

First GlesgaPals get-together
January 2005

    Six GlescaPals managed
    along to the Golden Wedding
    ( Norrie, Lizzy, Nell,
       Webmaister, Eileen, Claire )
     and we all had an absolutely
     fabulous weekend.

     It was a lovely occasion made
     all the more special by the
     renewing of their wedding vows.

I hope Carlin that your GlescaPals webpages bring joy to you, Robert, family & friends for many many years.

Dec 2008, GlescaPal Norrie (admin), Glasgow, Scotland
Hi Webbie  What a lovely surprise for Carlin
The lovely photographs and memories will bring a great deal of pleasure - what a fine looking couple and family. It's a pleasure to have been included in her web page. We were both delighted to have been included in her Golden Wedding celebrations. Norrie and Claire
Dec 2008, GlescaPal Nell (admin), London, England
That's a lovely webpage fur a lovely wumman, she's wan in a mullion.
Dec 2008, GlescaPal Annie, Glasgow, Scotland
I wept when I read Carlins webpage, what a lovely couple Robert & Carlin (Mary) are. I have the greatest respect and admiration for the both of them. Great Webmaister.
Dec 2008, GlescaPal Carlin, Fife, Scotland
I cannot thank you enough, Webmaister, for such a lovely webpage. I had a big lump in my throat looking at the photos of dear family who have now passed away. There's only one sister & I left (but she's coming to us for Christmas this year, so I can show her this) . Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Dec 2008, GlescaPal Maryjane, Glasgow, Scotland
Have just finished looking at Carlin's website and what a privilege to do so, it is absolutely amazing to have such photos of ones family and i am sure that more will be added with future generations.
Mary & Robert you have a lovely family.  What a lovely gift you have given the family.
Dec 2008, GlescaPal Mags, Glasgow, Scotland
What a lovely gesture to have made to this lovely couple who I admire greatly as they are such lovely people.
Mar 2009, GlescaPal Ronnie, London, England
What a wonderful website Carlin, just wonderful! :)

Robert Lyall Cairns
 Aug.2019 Webmaister: post copied from
                                      GlescaPals facebook group.

 It is with great sorrow and a heavy heart that I am
 announcing the passing of my darling husband,
 Robert. Many of you knew him for many years,
 and know what a fine gentleman he was. Some
 of you were at our Golden Wedding, in 2008,
 and celebrated Robert's 80th birthday, then mine
 too. He was a Leven man, but he loved my mother
 city and enjoyed meeting up with the GlescaPals.

 He was a devoted husband, and a much loved
 father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

 Funeral arrangements have still to be made.
 Rest in peace, my soul mate.

  Robert Lyall Cairns

 16.Feb.1931 - 12.Aug.2019  (88yrs)
                                                                 Mary x

 Funeral Monday 19th August at Leven Parish Church at 10am
 then interment at McDuff Cemetery in East Wemyss

Robert & Carlin
photo by Admin Jimmy Murphy


Mary Cairns nee Dow ....... my story




..... a lifetime entry in GlescaPals..........details .





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