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George Geddes


Aug 2012, another email, Michelle Schaller, Australia
I recently received an original copy of the same photo (see page1) which belonged to my grandfather. Itís is in much better condition and all of the faces are clear....... Iíve also attached a short history of the people in the photo .....

What a wonderful family photo and a lifetime honour for family, friends and indeed the world
to see these photos and read about the lives of the individuals here on GlescaPals........

Photo taken c1905

John Geddes was born on 18th July 1857 at 63 Tobago St, Glasgow. He was the eldest son of George Geddes (Snr) and Christina Cain.  John is listed as having a number of occupations during his lifetime (all in Glasgow). Journeyman/Joiner at the time of his marriage in 1880, but by the 1881 census he is listed as a Sand Merchant with 6 employees. In 1891 he was a Ferry Lessee. In 1901 he was a Dredging and Diving Contractor until the time of his death from apoplexy, on the 12th May 1908 at 45 Gallowflat St, Rutherglen.
I have his business card from his time as a Contractor.. His business was based at Ruskin Terrace. On the back of the card he has listed ĎContracts in Handí   Noís 1,2,3,4 and 5 Clyde Embankments for Glasgow Corporation and Shawfield Sand Quarry.

John is only ever listed as John Geddes on Scottish legal documents (birth/death/marriage). Yet any Australian family obituaries after his death mention him as John Graham Geddes.

NB: It was Johnís  younger brother George (shown in the photo in front of the Humane Society Boathouse above) who followed in George Snrís footsteps as the Ď2nd Georgeí at the Humane Society.

NB: Interestingly Johnís father, George Snr is listed in historical records as an orphan from birth and he was farmed out to a family unknown. This isnít completely factual as his father lived until George was about 6 years old. It is quite probable his mother Marion nee Wallace died near/during his birth in 1826, but his father John Ferrie Geddes didnít die until the first major Glasgow  Cholera Epidemic of 1832. He was one of 3,000 lost to Cholera at the time. He was buried on 23 July 1832. I can only assume John Ferrie Geddes was unable to care for so many children and specially a new baby, so fostered George out. (George was the youngest of at least 10 children)

John married Eleanor Elizabeth Borle on 1st June 1880 at Stockwell Place, Glasgow (Eleanor was b.1862 in Middlesex. Her father was Swiss and her mother from Warwickshire)

After John (and her mother) died, Eleanor and most of her children, eventually emigrated to Western Australia in 1912. John and Eleanorís first child was my great grandmother Christina Cain Geddes.

Note: John Geddes and Eleanor (nee Borle) had at least two other known children who didnít survive infancy.
Marion Wallace Geddes was born April 1891 and died at Elm St, Glasgow in February 1892 of pneumonia.
Thomas Aitken Geddes was born February 1907 and died on 21st November at 6 Ruskin Terrace, Rutherglen of broncho-pneumonia.


Christina was born in Claythorn Street, Glasgow on 2nd April 1881. Her first job was as a Mantle Machinist and eventually she became a dressmaker. She married Thomas Henderson Hastie in Perthshire in 1904, where they had two children. They had returned to Glasgow  by the 1911 census.
The newborn baby in the Geddes group photo is Christinaís first child born in 1905, Eleanor Elizabeth Simmonds Borle Geddes Hastie (what a mouthful!). Her son from her marriage was more fortunate, just having the birth name of William Hastie.
After arriving in Australia, Christina left Thomas and lived de-facto with my great grandfather William Griffith Williams until her death in 1936. They had one son and two daughters (one daughter died as an infant in Burma).

Elizabeth Eleanor Simmonds Geddes ĎBessieí  was born in 1883.
She married William McBean on the 9th July 1909 at 4 Sefton Terrace, Rutherglen.
Bessie was an Elementary School Teacher and William a Police Constable in Glasgow.
They followed Bessieís mother and emigrated to Western Australia in 1913.
                       Bessie died in 1945 and William in 1967. They had 3 children.
                                                                  2,4 & 6 Sefton Terrace (now Hamilton Road)
        Sefton Terrace is now part of Hamilton Rd, GlescaPal Norrie found it on a 1920s map of Rutherglen

Annie Henderson Geddes was born c1885. She was a clerical worker.
Annie married William Anderson Miller (a Merchant) on 30th Dec.1909 at  6 Sefton Terrace, Rutherglen.
They had three sons and a daughter. In January 1921 William tragically died of Tuberculosis at Plantation, Glasgow.
The widowed Annie followed her family to Western Australia in July 1921. She later remarried .
Annie died in January 1959 
                                                              rear view of Sefton Terrace (now Hamilton Road)

George Geddes was born in Glasgow on 20th August 1886. He married Jessie McPhie in 1910 at Pollokshields, Glasgow.  In 1911 George and Jessie lived in 72 Woddrop Street, Dalmarnock, Glasgow.
George was a Telephone engineer for the Post Office. (now British Telecom)
George and Jessie emigrated to Western Australia in 1913. They had 8 children.
George retired as the Officer in Charge of the Central Telephone Exchange in 1951.
He died in 1957 and Jessie in 1966.

John Graham Geddes was born on 4th September 1888 at South York St, Glasgow
He was listed as a Miner when he emigrated with his mother and siblings.
He died less than 18 months after arriving in Western Australia on 24th December 1913.
On his obituary his occupation was Contractor.

Henry Cain Geddes was born 26th June 1892 at 64 Glasgow Road, Rutherglen, Glasgow.
He arrived with his mother and siblings in Western Australia in 1912.
He married Margaret Grier Miller in Perth, W.A in 1914. They had three children. Harry enlisted in the A.I.F in World War 1. He was in the 1st Division Signal Corp as a telephone mechanic.
Harry died in January 1946.

Jeanie Morrison Smith Geddes was born on 16th June 1895 at 83 Main St, Rutherglen.
She married Rupert Harry Flanagan in 1924 in Cottesloe, Western Australia.
Jeanie died in 1956.


Alfred Charles Borle Geddes was born on 2nd November 1897 at 10 Chapel St, Rutherglen.
Alfred Charles Borle Geddes (Fred) enlisted in 1915 in the 37th battalion (World War 1).
He was killed in Action 11th February 1917 in France whilst attached to the 3rd Field Coy. Engineers. 
He was 19.
                                          GescaPals admin, Norrie McNamee got these photos from Rutherglen library


Harvey Alexander Geddes was born on 10th September 1900 at 3 GallowFlat Place, Rutherglen.
He married Jessie Pearl Francis Duncan in Cottelsoe, Western Australia in 1927.
Harvey was an Electrical Engineer.
He died in 1981.

GlescaPal 'glesca artist' :
below is NLS Map of Rutherglen 1910. Gallowflat Place is not marked on the map but I've indicated where I'm 100% sure it was located.
Gallowflat Street, Rutherglen, only came into being circa 1900. Previous to this date it was known as Hamilton Road and the existing Hamilton Road was known as Wardlawhill Street. By 1910 new tenements had been built on the east side of Gallowflat Street and round into Gallowflat Place where a Skating Rink had also been built opposite the tenements and at the end of Gallowflat Place.
Between 1910 and 1938 when the Wardlawhill and Gallowflat areas were developed for housing Gallowflat Place was extended eastwards and became known as East Main Street.

                                                Looking eastwards along East Main Street at Farmeloan Rd junction.
GlescaPal admin, Norrie :
Thanks are due to 'glesca artist' for the finding the location of Gallowflat Place, it started at the corner of Farmeloan Rd and was extended in the late 20s and renamed Main st, known locally as East Main St.
GlescaPal 'glesca artist' : the street numbers start from the centre outwards with the odd numbers on the left hand side. The centre in this case being Farmeloan Road. I believe number 3 Gallowflat Place would be located where the new building in your excellent photo is shown.

Mary Tasker Harris Geddes was born 28th May 1903 at 5 Wardlaw Drive, Rutherglen, Glasgow.
Mary Tasker Harris Geddes was the youngest surviving child of John and Eleanor.
Mary married Sydney Frederick Norman Anderson in 1927 at Cottesloe, Western Australia. Mary died in 1970.
                                                                     No.5 Wardlaw Drive
                                        Photo taken from Hamilton Road looking up into    Wardlaw Drive, No5 on the left


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Aug 2012, extract from email, Michelle Schaller, Australia
Thank you so much for adding the information on the photo!
Sadly, Ive never met any of my Geddes family. Partly because I'm on the east coast of Australia, and secondly, even though Iíve been doing my family tree for over 30 years, it was only about 6 years ago I started on my grandfathers branch of my tree. I think pulling teeth would have been easier!  

Aug.2012, extract from messageboard, GlescaPal Lobeydosser, 83yrs, Canada
Great article and photograph. I remember my grannie chiding her daughter when she came home with newly purchased footwear.  " Thae shoes ur faur too big fur ye!   They're mair lik' Geordie Geddes's sma' boats than shoes!

GlescaPal Nell (admin), London
Loved that Webmaister, a great photo and even better to have all that information about the people in the photo. As you know I am interested in genealogy so I was particularly interested in the photo and the wealth of information.

GlescaPal Caltoncuddy, South Australia
what a fantastic article ,that's the best thing about GlescaPals its great history thanks Webmaister

Aug.2012, Webmaister.
The article has proven to be of great interest tae the GlescaPals
A few members were interested in the families Dalmarnock & Rutherglen connections.

John Geddes was born on 18th July 1857 at 63 Tobago St,
Elizabeth Eleanor Simmonds Geddes ĎBessieí 4 Sefton Terrace, Rutherglen
Annie Henderson Geddes was born abt 1885 6 Sefton Terrace, Rutherglen
Henry Cain Geddes was born 26th June 1892 at 64 Glasgow Road, Rutherglen,
Jeanie Morrison Smith Geddes was born on 16th June 1895 at 83 Main St ?, Rutherglen 
Alfred Charles Borle Geddes was born on 2nd November 1897 at 10 Chapel St, Rutherglen
Harvey Alexander Geddes was born on 10th September 1900 at 3 GallowFlat Place, Rutherglen,
Mary Tasker Harris Geddes was born 28th May 1903 at 5 Wardlaw Dr, Rutherglen
George Geddes born Glasgow 20th August 1886. In 1911 lived in 72 Woddrop Street, Dalmarnock

GlescaPals admin
Norrie McNamee
is a keen photographer and lives in Rutherglen,
in August 2012 he set out to find these address and get some photos. 
Well done, Norrie.


Glasgow Humane Society post is currently held by George Parsonage,
his house is in Glasgow Green near the Peoples Palace ( more info and photo's to follow)

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