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The last sea-going Paddle Steamer in the world ..... my journey continues


''some photos for my GlescaPals around the world who maybe have not been on this rerr wee ship"  ...... a lot to download but worth the wait!




Lounge Bar



Colin MacDonald accordian player has been making music on the Waverley for around 15 years.
During the ship's troubled times he and his friends would play for free and to this day
they often play to raise money for the upkeep of the ship.




After a long day there was 
only one place left to visit 


..........Glesca Fair Monday and a sail doon the watter!
May 2015, email, Sarah age 64 from Glasgow, Scotland
"....Just a wee thank you message for the time and effort you have put into such wonderful pages of nostalgia. I spent a lovely time browsing all the photographs and remembering Glasgow as it used to be. Strange though it may sound, when viewing the pics of the Waverley, I could hear the sound of the engines and smell the oil! Thank you once again for a great day out.


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Waverley map of sails from Glasgow click here



All these photos were taken by the Glesga Pals webmaister


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