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  Streets of Bridgeton

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Fairbairn Street, Bridgeton 1935  weans

Hugh, who emigrated to Australia in 1955, stumbled across my old school website by accident and sent me an e-mail about himself, along with an old Bridgeton chums photograph...... 
1 2 3  Agnes 
4 Ina
5 baby 7 John
8  Hugh
9 Peter
10  'Cody'
    1 beret 3 4 5  hat 7  
1   2  Nan
3  Jean
  4 5  George
6 7 Arthur

This photograph was taken in the back court of No.11 Fairbairn Street in 1935.
The window in the background is the Gorman family's house.
Back row:  
.. Provan, ? , ?,  Agnes Gorman, Ina Wales, ? , John McKnight, Hugh Hendry, Peter Scott, ? nickname Cody 
Middle row: ? ,  ...McKnight,  ....Gorman
I can't recall the rest of the names. Arthur Hendry is holding "chums" card.

John McKnight married Agnes Gorman c1946 after John was demobbed from the Armour Corps having served in Burma


Fairbairn Street
My memories of people who lived in Fairbairn Street 1927 - 1939 are:-
No5 Joe Welsh whose mother lived at No.45. Joe was a cousin to the McKnights.
 The Scott family whose son Peter is in the photograph also lived in this close.
No.11 third storey was the McIntyres, later the McQuats, my family the Hendry's and the Gatherals.
No.11 second storey was the McKnights
No.11 first storey was the McGhees and the Provans family.
No 11 in the close was the Smiths later to be occupied by my family, the house on the right was the Gormans.
Hugh Hendry.  Australia


Extract from e-mail,   Dec.2002,  GlescaPal Peter Scott, Canada   
".....webmaster, thanks for the help. I guess I just had a mental block, either that or I didn't have my specs on. I didn't realize that you lived in Fairbairn St. In 1936 we moved from no.11 to the "pen" at No. 5.  Even then I was a bit of a snob and moving to No.5 was "infra  dig"
Webmaister : Peter have look at the photo above.....YOU ARE IN IT !!!      
Extract from e-mail,   Mar.2011,  Alice Verechia (nee Casey), Australia   
I was checking the Website and came across a photo  "Fairbairn Street, Bridgeton 1935" and was surprised to see my two sisters and my brother and my cousins looking out at me.  
My Sisters are the two wee girls at the front with the berets and scarves my brother is on the front row second from the left.  
Nan & Jean & George Casey are cousins of the Mcknights and the Welsh's.   My Gran was Helen Welsh who lived at 45 Fairbairn Street and my Uncle Joe and family lived at 5 Fairbairn Street. My Uncle John who was John McKnight Sen also lived in Fairbairn St.   The Casey's lived in Springfield Rd but we had cousins called Cunningham's who also stayed in Fairbairn Street.  
 I now live in Australia but my Husbands father came from Dunn Street but he was killed WW11 his name was Peter Verechia.  
It's a small world, I'll send you some photos of ma Granny and ma Mammy and some documents from Dalmarnock School and school photo from Springfield Primary School around 1949.
Thank-you for a great read speak to you soon. Alice Verechia
Extract from e-mail,  July.2011,  Jean Morgan,  Glasgow.
Hi  I've just come across an image with my mother (Nan Casey), one of her sisters (Jean Casey) and one of her brothers (George Casey) as well as some of their McKnight cousins on your site - Fairbairn Street Chums 1936.  Would it be possible to have a copy of the image.  Regards, Jean Morgan



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