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The auld Calton Cemetery, holds the remains of three weavers shot down by the military in 1787, striking for a decent wage following a slump in the cotton trade and a reduction in their wages.
Although the strikers had resolved "not to offer violence to any man or his work", the arrival of Glasgow's 39th military regiment caused fear and consternation among the many strikers and supporters, and following an attempt to arrest the striker leaders, the Magistrate, Sheriff and Lord Provost were pelted with stones, which led to the order that the military fire direct into the crowd.
This lead to the death of three male weavers with three others mortally wounded, following which there were mass arrests, whippings, deportation and jailing of many suspected of involvement in the strike.


............ on the side wall is a monument which states:



"This is the property of THE WEAVING BODY under charge of the five districts of Calton, erected by them in memory of ...... John Page......Alexander Miller.....and James Ainsley."



These memorial stones were renovated by the Glasgow Trades Council and re dedicated by an assembly of trade union delegates on the 27th June 193 1to the memory of the martyred members named on the adjacent stone. And also to the memory of those named for their Trade Union activities and zeal for the welfare of their fellow members.

"They though dead emulate them.
We'll never swerve, we'll steadfast be, well have our rights, we will be free.
They are unworthy of freedom who expect it from hands other than their own."

The monument is further dated 1957 when an additional piece of renovation was completed. This in my opinion is a significant part of the Bridgeton and Caltons trade union history which should not be forgotten.


my thanks tae GlescaPal Ronnie McPhee for contributions towards this webpage


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