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   St Mark's R.C. Primary School   c1948-49   Shettleston


Back Row 1. 
Margaret McDermott 
3. Patricia Hagen
8.  ?       Gunn
4th Row 1. James P Montague
6. Michael  ?
2. Ambrose Wynne
7. Ian Pollok 
3. John Doren
4. Rodney Miller
5.John Parker     
3rd Row 1. John Woods 
6. John Morrison
2. George McGuire
3. Bruce Devlin
8. Eric Cox 
4. Joe Coyle
9  Tommy Rafferty
2nd Row 1. 
6. Lillian McFarlane
3. Delia Burke
8. Mary Barnes 
9 Mary Sweeten
1.  2.  3.  4. Danny McFadden 5. Moira McFadden
Please contact webmaister if you can put a name to a face or have a tale tae tell.  


May 2005. Photo sent in by Rodney Gall, Australia,
Gday Webmaister My Name is Rodney Gall was Rodney Miller I lived in Shettleston in the 40s 50s and went to St Marks Primary (wee Mark) and St Marks Jnr Sec (bigMark) Now live in Australia, here are a couple of photos I will try and remember names ........1945-46  &  1948-49


May 2008. Guestbook, Rena Woods, England.
hi webmaister the school photo of st marks shettleston one of the missing names is my brother his name is john woods he is first left the third row down 1948 1949 please can u put in his name regards rena
June 2009, Larry Gillespie,  Ontario, Canada
the photo of St.Mark school 48-49 # 7 back row is Margaret McDermott, she is my wife, she may be able to help you with some of the other names. Thanks.  Larry. 'G'
Oct.2012, Jon Murphy,  Perth, Australia
Hi, I joined this class from Shettleston Primary. Yes Proddie to Cattletick!! I  remember, Billy Sweeton (Mary Sweeton's brother) Christine Weir, The Gunns, the Whynns, Marg McDermott, the McFaddens, Tam Berry, Pat Smith, Frances Kiernan.
Teachers - Mr Jimmy Miller his cousin Ms McFarlane.  I'm now living in the Indian ocean.
July 2019, Thomas Montague, Age 54,  Anaheim, California, USA
Hi, An uncle found this class photo with my father in it. (top row, third from left)
Seems the names are shifted over. He's listed as George Montague, his name was James Patrick Montague. (4th row 1)
It was such a thrill to see the photo. He has been gone for many years and there were not many photos from the Scotland days. The family came to New Jersey when he was 15.
If there is any other information you have about him, we would all love to see it.
Thank you & God Bless, Thomas

A lifetime honour and timeless photograph on the web
for family and friends to enjoy



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