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 John Street Secondary School   1976  Fitba team

1. John Laird 2 3 Martin Gibson 4 Joe Lancaster 5 John Farrell 6 Ricky Gray 7.
1. Willie Lorimer 2. Andy Gibson 3  Steff Harper 4  Dougie  Hetherington 5  Kenny Hastie

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Dec.2004 My thanks to Joe Lancaster, a good friend of mine, for supplying this photograph
Apr.2007 GlescaPal gibby, West Lothian.
........How you doin Webmaister.... Stuart Gibson here mate, aye wee Berts brother, browsing through the school pics mate noticed ma cousin Martin Gibson, John Street Senior Secondary School Fitba 1976 back row third from the left, website's great mate keep up the good work. gibby
Aug.2009 , Ricky Gray, Ibrox, Glasgow, Aged 49.  extract from guestbook
........Great website ! - lots of great memories! including me in the 1976 John St Football team - I am no 6, next to Joe Lancaster, The guy Holding the sign is Alec"ZEB" lawrance , Keep up the good work !
Nov.2012 , Robert Lawrence,  Glasgow
webmaister i was looking at the photo of john street secondary fitba from 1976 its says no3 in the front row is alex zeb lawrence i can assure you it is not as he is my older brother lol
im positive its steff harper.
Feb.2013 , Angela O'Hare,  Glasgow
My brother, Willie Lorimer, bottom left  - I have this photo!!



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