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 John Street Secondary School   c1949  fitba team 


Back Row 1. mccreadie 2. gold 3. stevenson 4. downs 5. vernon

2nd Row
1 Teacher
   Dandy McLean
2. starr  3. ballantyne  4. miller
5. gough
.. .. .. 6.flannigan
7. Teacher
Front Row .. 1.Thomas Piggot .. 2. morrow ..

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June 2012, extract from email,  Brian Piggot, Toronto, Canada
I am Brian Piggot originally of Landressy St now just outside Toronto Canada . I have received much pleasure looking at your great site over the years and thank you for your commitment to preserving not just Glasgow history but its peoples history .
 My late father Thomas Piggot was born on Kerr St  in July 1934 and raised at 549 London Rd attending John St Secondary . Dad was  a member of the 155 BB out of Bridgeton Methodist next to my old home at 30 Landressy .
I have attached pis of two John St fitbaw teams I dont have exact years for the teams . I think St 1 was about 1949 with dad seated on ground left side , the other about 1947 dad seated on ground rt side .
 I have some fitbaw pics of when John St won City Championships  that i will have to search my sisters house for .
 I hope these pics can be of some use. All the best, Brian
June 2009, GlescaPal BillyWatt, Bridgeton, Glasgow
The other teacher in the second photo 1949 was Mr MacKinnon who was the head gym Teacher.
Sept 2012, extract from email,  Bob Stevenson, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
the team was 3rd division 1948/1949
back row left to right : mccreadie  gold   stevenson  downs  vernon
sitting : m.maclean  starr  ballantyne   miller  gough  flannigan  mr.mackinnon
ground : piggot   morrow.
  bob stevenson  edmonton alberta.


See Thomas's c1947 school photo



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