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 Photographs & memories of the famous RANGERS FC

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Helicopter Sunday  22 May 2005   Page 2    back to Page1


Who will ever forget Helicopter Sunday....... 




Rangers team celebrate at Easter Road


Rangers inspirational centre half, devout Christian Marvin Andrews
being swamped my delirious fans as he leaves Easter Road
His quote was oft used "..keep believing..."


My own memories .....  well I spent the morning playing a bowling tie against Billy Dunsmore at Cambuslang BC. After the tie ( I won ) we headed down to the local Masonic hall to watch the Hibs v Rangers match and of course as news filtered through from Fir Park the place was jumping. When the final whistles finally blew it was like a Scottish Party at Hogmanay everyone was cuddling and shaking hands celebrating the league victory an amazing atmosphere.   Billy and I decided there was no way we could go home so we sauntered along to the Black Bull Bar and ended up drinking, singing and dancing the night away!!! Got home ? ... don't remember
  What are your memories of this day....?Send me your tale, remember tell me where you live
April 2007, GlescaPal Arcadiastreetboy, Whitburn, West Lothian
I bottled out going to the pub as I couldn't see the miracle happening (unlike Big Marv, I didn't really believe) so I sat like a miserable wimp in the house listening to it on the radio because I couldn't bear the thought of watching THEM win the league, and ready to switch off the second the final whistle went.~
When the first McDonald goal hit the net I almost hit the ceiling getting out of my seat and my phone went into immediate melt-down with texts and calls from various buddies, when his second crossed the line, I was up the stair, showered, dressed, back down, raided the wives purse and threw her cars keys to her and shouting over my shoulder as I ran out the door "hurry up, you need to run me to the pub!" before it hit the back of the net 
The latter stages of the evening are lost to me but the day and the evening leading up to that point will live with me forever! ;D
April 2007, GlescaPal Charlie, Glasgow
..... helicopter Sunday I was painting the garden fence and when everything began to come through I remained calm whilst everyone else in the hoose was going absolutely crazy even the two dugs. My wife Maureen and daughter Lynsey jumped in the car to pick up my son Iain and drove over to Ibrox to see the lads come back.
Me I simply sat back and poured a few stiff whiskies and savoured the moment stuck on a few of the old 'war songs' and thanked God for allowing me to experience one of the most sensational days in Scottish fitba history - a day that will never be beaten or equalled as far as I am concerned.
April 2007, GlescaPal SunnyJim, (James Cooke), Toronto, Canada
Helicopter day I was watching the Rangers game at one of our clubs over here as history unfolded and the partying began,yes Marvin,keep on believing. :) :) :)
April 2007, Andy, Rutherglen
Went to the Masonic to watch the Hibs game never dreaming we would could win the League.
When the final whistle went we went mental. Grown men were crying like babies and I ended up rolling about the floor as I fell of a chair whilst singing "Championees ". Did not have a lot to drink up to that moment but ended up long into the night.
April 2007, Glasgow
I went to the Horseshoe Bar. One of the few pubs that were showing the Rangers game. I was offered a ticket for the game but didn't go as it meant rushing after work to get there. How I regret not wanting to rush.
 It was strange when McDonald scored as we were watching the Rangers game, the news filtered through that he scored and then we could see the fans on tv at Easter Road going mental. The pub went mental too. Then the second goal from McDonald filters through and pandemonium set in.
After seeing the celebrations on TV, headed to another pub and saw some tims throwing bottles at bears in Argyle street. The bears were too happy celebrating to notice what the tims were doing and this got the tims more annoyed. The bears didn't even hear the smashing bottles that landed near them.
Then it was off to Paisley Rd West for the celebrations and onto Ibrox to wait for the players. Then when they do arrive, the idiots ran onto pitch and  spoiled the celebrations. Why do they have to spoil things by invading pitches. Waited two hours just for idiots to spoil it.Then it was off the pubs in the Paisley Rd West to celebrate into the wee small hours.
 A great one off day. I don't see too many of these days in the foreseeable future but I won't turn down tickets again if it does. 
 We are the people
;D Jan 2010 Karen Lavery, Glasgow
I was in a pub in the Shankill Road on that day with my sister Julie and her hubby Ronnie. There were two televisions on, showing both games and as the last minutes approached we were resigning ourselves to the fact that it wasn't to be when McDonald scored. The feeling and atmosphere were amazing, hugging people we had never met before and not believing what we were actually seeing. Then up pops McDonald again and the bar erupted. The feeling that day was amazing and I don't imagine another final day of the season ever being like that again.



;D When the Famous Glasgow Rangers won the title!

Let me tell you the tale of a Sunday in May,
We were two points behind Celtic with one game to play.
The tims had been crowing "the title's in the bag,
We've won the league again, fly the flag, fly the flag."

They would be taught a lesson they'll always remember,
Don't write off the Rangers, we never surrender.
"When you're finding it hard to muster belief,
Think back to the day when the sun shone on Leith.

'Cos like the moon landings and JFK,
We'll always remember that Sunday in May.
The odds were against us but we won the race,
Let the others come after us, we welcome the chase."


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