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 Photographs & memories of the famous  RANGERS FC

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;D   Spanish newspaper
the next day
25th May 1972
reporting the good news
that Rangers had won!






;D A 1972 crown which I own
The display housed in a plastic case contains the 1972 crown
This was the only coin issued for general circulation in 1972.


The crown is in uncirculated (unc) condition



April 2007, GlescaPal Henry, (Henry Watson), East Kilbride, Scotland

"...we left from glasgow airport on wed.morning early to barca airport.then onto lloret,hotel mundial.
We arrived at the stadium early, our tickets were for the upper tier, but we moved down near the end. We were on the pitch, briefly, saw the batons and made a diplomatic retreat ::)

then celebration time.!!

The flight home went to Prestwick as Glasgow was closed during the night for runway repairs.
We were amazed to read the papers that CALLELA had fallen and mayhem had gone on."



    See his video ......


Barcelona Bears The Teddy Bears Page1 - Page2. - Page3 - Page4  -  Page5


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