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...a social history of Glesca's east-end
Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland
Olympia House, 13 Olympia Street
Bridgeton, Glasgow  G40 3TA,Scotland    

( Note
2021 GOLoS moved out of their building in Bridgeton
having been there for around 20 years. It has been
            purchsed by Clyde Gateway to be turned into offices.
           The former Salvation Army Hall was designed in 1927

GOLS website
Grand Lodge of Scotland website                        

Olympia House, Bridgeton. GLOS HQ

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County Grand Orange Lodge of Glasgow facebook

The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland is made up of four County Grand Lodges:
Ayrshire-Renfrewshire and Argyll, Central Scotland, East of Scotland and Glasgow.
From these County Grand Lodges Orangemen and Orangewomen are elected to the organisation's governing body.


Bridgeton Cross         photo courtesy of Gordon Adams 

The Orange Lodge had large numbers in Bridgeton and  three Orange Halls that I can remember...Tullis Street, Mordaunt Street and Landressy St ( moved to Olympia Street )
As a child I remember the streets thronging with people watching the accordion and flute bands go by......
there were two halls in Landressy St.
a large old building which was the Masonic hall and another building which was the Greenhead Barrowfield church hall then it became the Apprentice Boys Hall in which  Orange Lodges met It became the Keystane Pub.
now closed.

At the time of writing July 2004 there are two Orange Halls in Bridgeton : Tullis St and Olympia St.


the Orange Ludge and 'bauns' in Glesca's east-end



21st Century Orangemen video
programme aired on the BBC depicting the 21st century Orange way of life

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Page 2  Flute Bands :  Willie Wilson ,  No surrender,   Billy Alexander memorial

 Page 3  Flute Bands : Hugh Magill Memorial 1953

Page4   Banners :  West Coast of Africa  &  LOL862 Somme

 Page5  Old B/W photos various , Caledonian Accordion Band, 37 District

Page6   Tullis Street & Bridgeton Cross

 Page7  Glasgow Green Juvenile Parade 16th June 2007

Page8   Mordaunt St Juvenile Banner cc1962

 Page9   Page9a      Eastern Amateur Flute Band   



 see 'Billy Boys' Bridgeton Purple and Crown Flute Band photo taken Belfast 1935
A Billy or a Dan a question



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