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Bridgeton Cross 
Click here to shop online


        Old Glasgow Street             Old Class photo                  Bridgeton Cross     

The full range of  Glesga Pals goods are not displayed here 


Simple steps :
1. have a look at the range of gifts available in the GlesgaPals shop
2. you can then personalise any of these gifts with a photo of your own  
    choosing from the Glesga Pals website.
3. contact me with the gifts you desire and the photograph details

Personalise your GlesgaPals gift
~ ~ ~
choose a photograph from the website and if it is available to use # 
I'll put it onto which ever gifts you pick.

For example you may want your old street on a mug
your class photo on a mousepad
~ ~ ~
# note not all photographs on the website are suitable or can be used, contact webmaister.

Prices are in $US click on currency converter to check price in your currency

( $1 US = approx 50p - 60p)

  Currency Converter money sign Currency convertor...check the rates


I appreciate it can be difficult buying products online that you can't touch, feel or try on 
(did you buy the right size? the right colour?). 
That's why I have chosen this USA shop which has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all orders. 
which allows goods to be returned or exchanged if not suitable and there is 
also a customer service department to deal with any problems.
So what are you waiting for? Get yer order in and treat yer pals!

GlescaPals is a free website.
I hope you have found it interesting and enjoyed the patter & photos   
GlescaPals buy yer pal a present..... 





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