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 GlescaPal  Joe Carr       


Glasgow boy Joe Carr was born 5th January 1936 at No.54 Gretna St. Glasgow, just two or three weeks previously his family had flitted from No.327 Nuneaton St. 
Nuneaton Street was where his mother's family ( the Derby's ) lived and his father's family came from Sunnybank Street.


Joe 1947

All the Carr children attended 
Springfield Primary and 
Riverside Secondary schools.
Joe was the youngest and had not long 
started at Springfield Primary School before 
being evacuated with the whole school to Moffat. 

His best pals were John Brown from Mordaunt St 
and Ronnie Caldwell from Sunnybank St

Riverside School was very convenient as 
it was just round the corner from the family
house in Gretna Street. 

Joe said he wasn't a nice lad then, always fighting 
and running after the girl's, but he had fun!


On leaving Riverside his first job was at the Plaza cinema in Nuneaton Street and he was there for almost three years before going into the Cameronians in 1953.

His regiment was the Cameronians S/R the same as Henry May V.C. and Joe's uncle Jim (K.I.A.1918) both of Nuneaton Street.  

Joe  married Vena in 1964 and they have just celebrated  41 years together. "Yes, like the teachers of my Glesga schools, how she put up with me, only the gods of Olympus could fathom. lol "

His wife Vena was born in Kenya (Nairobi) and was a theatre nurse who helped to dig out his wisdom tooth, romantic, eh?


They both retired to Cornwall before Joe's 
62nd birthday and they have never regretted the move. 

Cornwall, with the moors, lovely coves, beautiful fishing villages, yes its the place
for them, before the R.I.P. comes around !

He took up parachuting at 63 with the intention of taking up paragliding later, but the gods of old Caledonia (including Vena) descended on his heid. 

Joe with his great niece Jodie


Extract from e-mail, Apr 2005, Joe Carr, Cornwall, England
"........ webmaister Wull thanks very much for my Glesga Pals webpage ........Joe Carr"


One of Joe's great loves is 
his beloved Cameronians 
where he served 1953 -56.

He has a website full of 
from his time in the army and he would dearly love to hear from anyone who served in the Cameronians in the 1950s.


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