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 Wedding photographs from the GlescaPals archives.





 GlescaPal Geordie's wedding in Thailand, August 2008

Interesting to see how other countries perform the marriage ceremony. Geordie's new wife is a real beauty and we all wish them both a lifetime of good health, love and happiness :)


This is Geordie being led by his Surrogate family to his new Father in Law, he is carrying the Sim Sod this is like a reverse dowery of Cash and Gold the Cash is paid to the brides father and the Gold to the Bride.
(Note his British Legion Tie) ;D




Once the Sin Sod is accepted
Linda is allowed to join the groom
for the wedding Ceremony
     His feet have to be washed before
     he is allowed to enter the building


Mr & Mrs Barrie ;D

Geordie "Giving Money to the local kids not like the Scrambles I knew and loved
( I was even in the scramble at my sisters wedding in my Kilt)"



GlescaPal Geordie's beautiful bride
the new Mrs Barrie in all her Glory


Linda & George Barrie

see George Barrie's family website



 Wedding photographs from the GlescaPals archives



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