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 Wedding photographs from the GlescaPals archives.





   Jim Saunders  & Avril Lochhead
Glesca's famous Martha St. Registry Office, October 1969

GlescaPal Dazzle, remembers " I had long hair and my hairdresser had pinned it all up, getting my hat on was a nightmare!!! "

June 2010, GP Dazzle
Family & friends witnessing our wedding in Martha Street, October 1969. The girl on the right is my cousin Maralyn, she lives in Stirling and is a granny now herself, my dad is standing next to her and his sister with the dark complexion next to him on the left (his right) she is 86 now and the only surviving sibling out of 10. Half of the people in the photo have gone now so it's lovely to look back and remember the happiness on that day. Shame, my brother and his wife are not in it because they dashed straight away after the service to organise the buffet & drinks. Jim's sister is in the front with her twins, she was like a sister to me, she passed away in 2004. My wee mammy is in the front on the left, sitting proudly with her wedding hat on.









GlescaPal Mam

September 1969
St. Agne's Chapel, Lambhill







GlescaPal Tp  wedding day October 25 1969

Carol & husband

Calton Parish Church




 Wedding photographs from the GlescaPals archives



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