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 Wedding photographs from the GlescaPals archives.





GlescaPal Caltoncuddy ... (Corry & Rod Gall) 11th Sept.1965

"...........the greatest day of my life, I met Corry here in Australia at a dance, and asked her out the following week she accepted, four months later I asked her to marry me she said yes her Dad said no she was to young, (she had just turned 19) I kept asking him and he eventually he said OK but only when she turned 20 so we married on the 11th Sept 1965, 21days after her birthday. the ceremony was held in the St Alphonsus Church at Millicent in South Australia, we have four Daughters and four granddaughters, and my only grandson was born just a few days ago on the 5th of October 2008, we have just celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary and we are looking forward to many more"






Brigton guests at the Glesca wedding
of my Ma's cousin May Mullen
tae Alex McCulloch in October 1965.

4 men at the back are
Hugh Lavery sen. Willie Mclean
Jimmy McArthur, Hugh Lavery jun.

wee wummin in the back
middle is Robina Lewis.

front left Beehive is Melba Coleman
next tae her is Agnes Lavery, my granny

Old Lady is Robina Rankin my great granny

2 girls are Joan Mclean & Linda McArthur

2 woman behind the girls are Lily Mclean and Nessie McArthur my Ma.

wee boy front right is yer webmaister!                           




 Wedding photographs from the GlescaPals archives



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