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 Wedding photographs from the GlescaPals archives.





GlescaPal Carlin, May 2007
"Yes - I had "The works" - but small by today's standards. 75 guests for a sit-doon meal at The Cameo Ballroom in Shawlands, after the ceremony in Priesthill Parish Church on 25.Oct.1958
Next year we are hoping to have an even bigger do when we renew our vows in 2008, our Golden Wedding."
I can remember it as though it was yesterday. I was sitting dressed in an old overall (my one & only dressing gown was in my suitcase) doing the Daily Record crossword, when my Mammy demanded to know what I was doing. "The crossword - ah dae it every day, Mammy an ah'll no hiv time later oan" She sent me to get dressed (much too early). I came downstairs and she was crying, and well ma Mammy never ever cried, so I took a wee hissy fit, pulled off my headdress & veil and threw them in the bath - saying "All this fuss aboot a wedding - and I'm no sure ah want tae merried or no" Ma sister started greeting 'cos ah wiz greetin, an ma mascara wiz aw runnin'. Ma Daddy wiz gaun aboot us three greeting wimmin, saying "suffering pigs" (that was him swearing). Well, ah finally goat calmed doon, and wance ah stepped oot the hoose an intae the caur, ah wiz radiant, as a bride should be. Ma Daddy asked me in the caur if ah wanted tae chinge ma mind "It's no too late, hen", but ah said "Naw, Daddy, ah'm fine" - and so ah wiz.




 Wedding photographs from the GlescaPals archives



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