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      St.Mary's RC Chapel, Calton ....... Abercromby Street 


     St.Mary's chapel 1950's


         St.Mary's Chapel - Easter Monday 2008                       photo by GlesgaPal whisperer


Extract from messageboard, April 2008, GlescaPal Mag, Essex, England   
     Hi pals what a beautiful photo i remember this chapel i lived in Forbes st and many times i went to this chapel i went to see my pals make there holy comunion i sat up in the left at the top of the gallery it was beautiful then but even more beautiful now i can remember the power cuts in the 1970 i think and me and my pal who went to st marys school would go in to the chapel and just sit and look at the beautiful statues it was dark in the street but i always felt safe in st marys i used to go with my pals on a sunday morning and i always sat upstairs on the left it didnt matter that i wasnt of the faith i remember one first sunday in may and i had a new dress and shoes and my pals ma was a hair dresser and she done my hair and we both went to st Marys to watch oor pal make her holy comunion she looked lovely walking down with a wee boy wearing a kilt when i look at this picture it brings back so many memories of the pals i played with in Forbes St and who went to St Marys School it was so long ago but when i look a this picture i can still see that wee lassie looking down from the Gallery thanks for the memories from so long ago





Tuesday 20 May 2008 the funeral of Celtic legend Tommy Burns





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