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  Photographs & memories of the famous GLASGOW CELTIC

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Captain Billy McNeil


European Cup Final Ticket - 25 May 1967




I watched the game, aged just 13, with my Da in our Bridgeton tenement, just a stones throw from Celtic Park, I remember hinging oot the windae two-storeys up watching the streets come alive as the Celtic supporters came oot tae celebrate in the street and head off tae the pubs!

 What are your memories of this day....? Send me your tale, remember tell me where you live
;D April 2007, GlesgaPal Nell, London
Hi Webmaister, Ah remember it well, it wiz a great night in oor hoose, everybody wiz elated, inlcuding me, ah wiz 16 years old at the time and ah remember everybody comin back tae oor hoose fae the pub that night and hivin a good auld sing song, and there wiz plenty of Rangers supporters therr tae, and nae fighting, well no aboot the fitba anywiy :D A really happy memory for me. 
;D April 2007, GlesgaPal FrankD, Essex
My memories of that Celtic victory go back before and then after the victory.
At that time I was a Cooperative Society Insurance agent and I had requests from customers to surrender their policies so that they would have the cash to go to the game. They got the surrender value and off they went.  On their happy return from Lisbon they immediately took out new policies
. ;D
As a completely neutral football supporter watching the game on TV I felt very proud to be Scottish that night!
April 2007, Jim Gallagher, Michigan, USA
Hello Webmaister, The Lisbon Lions are the fondest memories of my life. When the Celtic won the European Cup my young brother Frank was in California waiting to be shipped out to Vietnam. When Frank called me to find out the result, if the operator was listening she must have thought we were daft, with all the yelling and roaring going on between us. Frank had only been in the USA  9 months when he was called up into the army I guess they needed a few good Scot's boys to clean up the mess that was over there. We missed out on the European Cup but Frank and I went over to Scotland for the Scottish Cup Final that year before he was shipped to Nam. Celtic beat Aberdeen 2 - 0 and we had a great day. My brother is Frank Gallacher. He and his wife Rose now live in Greenock.
April 2007, GlesgaPal Jeannie, Ontario, Canada
Me no being intae fitba took my oldest boy tae the Pictures, canny mind whit it wiz. Anyway Stephen wiz 7 years old and we came out of the Odeon in Rutherglen after the early show and they were dancing in the street noo Steve is 47 and still talks about it once in a while
April 2007, GlesgaPal Trotsky, Scottish Borders
I remember the night they brought the cup to Parkhead to parade it around the stadium, it was the Friday night following the game, I think, it seemed as if the whole of Parkheed turned out to see it and celebrate, everyone was happy about it being won by a Scottish/Glesga team regardless of what team they supported
April 2007, GlesgaPal Geordie, Thailand
I watched the game at my sisters house, she was at the game My Mum and Dad were watching My niece who was a baby. I remember my maw asking if they could score with a throw in. When they scored it was great especially as we thought Bobby had scored the winner. at the end of the game all the neighbours came to the house. Yes ALL the neighbours, even the ones that used to try and keep him up at Hogmanay.
When they came back we had tickets for the directors box at Celtic Park I had to dress up we could not leave oot the front so we crossed the park and left out the Jungle side. as we left Bill Tennant was interviewing Jock Stein and I was on the telly. There was 2 Celtic Supporters in my school (Burgh Primary) the other guy was called Billy Hannah we had a great time for one day then we were telt that was enough so we shut up. It would have been great if Rangers could have completed the double and I would have been cheering as much as the next guy and so would Bobby Murdoch, my Brother in law
April 2007, GlesgaPal, CharlieMcD, Glasgow
I have to admit that I was at Parkhead the night they brought the cup back to Celtic Park. I had to go myself as most of my mates decided that because every polis under the sun would be in the ground it was an ideal opportunity to 'screw' Barrs Ginger Factory...guess whit they aw got caught.;D
April 2007, GlesgaPal, Shug, Cumbernauld
8-),Watched the game on the hoose we had just been overspilled tae Easterhouse,Thursday night with a 5.30 Kick-Off,nearly throttled ma wee brother I was ecstatic at the final whistle! spent the night as high as a kite (seriously) as I was nightshift in Beardmores "E" shop on the corner of Rigby Street and Shettleston the maintenance fitter I had to retreat to an overhead crane for the nightshift as some Gers fans took a dim view of my euphoria,needless tae say I missed the 4-Hour backshift on the Friday tae make up your weekly hours, and spent the time in the Celtic Park Stand with ma Uncle and cousin as the European Cup was presented tae a packed Celtic Park.  Hail!Hail!
May 2007, Agnes Mooney, Glasgow
I watched the game in my auntie Caroline McLeod's at 389 Springfield Road, Dalmarnock, we went to Hammy's Bar Kirkpatrick Street to celebrate. I worked at Templeton's carpet factory- me and a few others did not make work the next day. I knew they would win because my "ma" said they couldn't loose on her birthday.


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