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Recollections from a Time of Change

Bridgeton Recollections

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Before the Second World War, Bridgeton was possibly the most highly industrialised few square miles on the planet.
However by the late 1950s, things had begun to to change. Economic and social changes can occur slowly and almost imperceptibly, but, in the case of Bridgeton, these changes occurred very quickly and with catastrophic results.

It was a period of de-industrialisation without any adequate or properly planned replacement of employment. This would have been bad enough, but it was also a period of forced urban renewal and consequent population dispersal and decline.

Those who lived through this period are now of an age such that it is imperative that their recollections of life and work are recorded and set in context. This book is the result of a local history project which began in the new Bridgeton Library, Olympia building in April 2013. A large number of local and past residents have been active in the colections of memories of life in post-industrial Bridgeton. These recollections have been edited and grouped into topics. A commentary has set them into a wider social context, bringing out important aspects of working-class life within a much loved part of Glasgow.

The local research group of past and present east-enders consisted of :
Rena Brown, Irene Craig, Robert Currie, George Kane, Agnes Johnston Nyquist, Colin Mackie, Peter Mortimer,
Will McArthur, Thomas McCann, Alex McClure, Vicky McGeady, Rosemary MacMillan, Stewart MacMillan,
Norrie MacNamee, Donna Robertson, Jessie Roxburgh, Jim Turnbull, Owen Stewart, Lorraine Wylie, Robert Wylie.
The group was led by Professor Raymond Thomson, who before his retirement, was Deputy Director of Lifelong Learning at the University of Strathclyde. He and his wife Mary live in Bridgeton.

: Bridgeton Library Local History Group is grateful to Eileen Deans and her team at Bridgeton Library
for making us so welcome.

We also thank Clyde Gateway who provided funds for the publication of the book.

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