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The Glasgow Battalion
                 Queen's Men ....
May 2008









 Names and companies of the 68 Queen's Men presented with their certificate.

See photo of Scot Laidlaw & David Young Queen's Men from the 229th Glasgow

              The impressive marble staircase to the banqueting Hall of the City Chambers



Banqueting Hall

Prog of events :
Fanfare : trumpeters of the 44th Glasgow BB
Entry of the Platform Party
Entry of Queen's Men led by the Presiden's piper Cpl Andrew Livingstone 237th Glasgow BB
Welcome address by Cpl Carl Sommerville, 1st Glasgow BB
Civic welcome Baillie Jim Todd, Glasgow City Council

Opening devotions Rev Tom Nelson, Moderator designate, The Presbytery of Glasgow.
Hymn, Bible readings and prayer
Introduction : Chairman Duncan Mitchell, Battalion Vice -President
Profile of the Queen's Badge : prepared and presented by S/Sgt Adam Samson, 60th Glasgow
                                                                                           Sgt Douglas Barrie, 11th Glasgow
                                                                                           S/Sgt Fraser Ellis 163rd Glasgow
This was a very informative slide show presentation by the 3 Queen's Men showing what was involved in gaining their badge and sharing some of their own personal experiences.
Presentation of Certificates to Queen's Men
Entertainment - King's Park Brass Band
Presentation of Certificates to Queen's Men
Address by Tom Boyle Director, Brigade Scotland
This was an excellent address by Director Tom Boyle praising the boys for their work and endeavour in attaining the Queen's Badge. He tasked them to use the skills and lessons they have learned in everyday life at work and play and he hoped  many of them would put something back into the BB by taking leadership courses and becoming officers.
Vote of thanks by Cpl Carl Sommerville, 1st Glasgow BB
Closing Devotions, Benediction
Civic Hospitality.


Extract from Guestbook, 3 June 2008, Battalion Vice-President Duncan Mitchell
I chaired the Presentation and, as usual, was very impressed by the young men receiving their Queen's Badge certificates. Why is there no press coverage of this type of event?
Thanks for your efforts, keep up the good work.
Extract from Guestbook, 1 Aug 2008, S/Sgt Fraser Ellis 163rd Glasgow
Excellent site. The pages on the Boys' Brigade from this year are tremendous. And thanks for the insightful comment on the Profile on the Queen's Badge done by myself, Adam and Douglas.

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