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Boys' Brigade
Captain Robert Bryson 

1906 - 2001


St.Thomas, Gallowgate, Church

A tribute to a great servant of the Boys' Brigade, the community 
and to the youth of Glasgow's east-end


Extract from the 'Glaswegian', Sept 1998 supplied by Charlie McDonald.
Bobby Bryson has two claims to fame, not only is the 93 year old the most elderly Boys Brigade officer in Scotland......but this year he has also starred in a film! 
The retired agricultural salesman was chosen to play the main character in the city film Roses of Picardy. And he conquered the challenge with ease. The film was made in Glasgow by Outsider films and was shown at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.
The short film contrasts the experiences and painful war time memories of a WW1 veteran (played by Bobby) with those of an aimless youth who steals his war medals. Bobby's performance was hailed as moving and effective.

Bobby was a youngster growing up in Dennistoun when WW1 broke out, he remembers the blackouts and the Belgian refugees coming to his school and the rush of local men to join up to fight the Germans. 
Through the efforts of Charlie McDonald at the Scottish WW1 remembrance group the Thistle and Poppy Society, Bobby came to the attention of the film director Steven Mochrie.
Aug.2003, Extract from messageboard, Charlie McDonald, Glasgow
Wull in your BB days did you ever come across an Officer called Bobby Bryson. I knew Bobby only in his last few years as he attended our Day Centre here in Parkhead. I used to listen to him for hours about his BB days... although I was never a member. Sadly he died just over a year ago and I attended his funeral and I walked away from the church knowing that Glasgow would be a worse place without him......he was a gentleman and an Officer
Aug.2003, Extract from messageboard, Webmaister
It is with great pride I can say I new Bob in my BB days and attended many BB events where he would be there. His whole life was the BB a lovely gentleman. I met him at various events as the Bridgeton District of the BB became attached to the Dennistoun district and of course Bob's church was in the Gallowgate. 
He loved the BB music and always encouraged his young lads to join the Battalion Brass Band, I was involved with BB bands and saw him often. Sorry to hear of his death, he must have been a fair age! 
Life is such that when you move on you lose touch with many people, sadly. 
Yes a well respected and much loved BB man.


Aug.2003, Extract from messageboard, Charlie McDonald, Glasgow, Scotland
Bobby Bryson was a pleasure to meet and full of wee stories that only a nutcase like me would listen to...did you know he played a leading role in a movie about 5 years ago. I attended the premier of it with him in Edinburgh and he was a celeb for the day...never mind Bobby Di Niro or Bobby Redford...we have Boaby Bryson! 
I took him into the Hearts Supporters Club as I was choking for a drink...didnae fancy the red wine at the Premier. As I stood at the bar waiting to get served I asked a couple of guys what the score was wi' the Rangers and they duly told me...I took over my pint and Bobby's Lemonade and told him the score...forgetting that he was a Queen's Park man. He asked " how did the Queen's get on" so I went back over and asked which brought the reply " who the heck wants to know that " from the Hearts fans. I pointed to Bobby and said " he does , he is the oldest Queen's Park Supporter in the world". Before you know it my table was covered in pints of lager for me and glasses of Lemonade for Bobby. 
He certainly was a star in more ways than one that day. 
I'll try and get you a postcard of the poster advertisement of the film and send it to you.
He also spent a few holidays wi' me and my kids when they were younger on the Somme at my mates cottage over there. He laid a wreath a couple of times on behalf of the 16th (Glasgow Boys Brigade) Battalion of the Highland Light Infantry at the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing. I can honestly say that my life has been touched and honoured to have met and known Bobby Bryson.



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