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    255th Boys' Brigade Glasgow, Bridgeton Page1  




  Status :  defunct
Church :  St.Francis-in-the-east, Church of Scotland


St.Francis-in-the-east Church, Queen Mary Street



email  March 2018  Tam McCann, Glasgow

Received an email from my pal, with an extract from the Glasgow Eastern Standard newspaper from 1951

      "It is hoped that what is believed to be the only Boys' Brigade flute band in Scotland will make its first public appearance in Bridgeton during the next few weeks.
        It will belong to the 255th Company, attached to St.Francis-in-the-East Church, Bridgeton.
        The company's commanding officer, Capt. Bill Whitington is the driving force behind the new venture.
       He has bought 16 flutes and is teaching his boys how to play them. The band will also have two side drums and a big drum.
       Capt. Whittington who lives in Queen Mary Street, Bridgeton, is hoping that his new band will be ready to attend their first church parade soon.
       The 255th Company which have weekly outings to the coast and country, are going to Scarborough for their annual camp this summer.
        Capt. Whittington has a list of annual camps arranged for between now and 1960."

Webmaister: I was interested to read the BB company number was the 255th for when I knew this BB company in the 1960s they were the 228th.
(I assume there must have been an amalgamation and the number changed?)

BB flute band








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